Women of Mass Destruction

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In this epic, Jewell and her best bud, Zana (a lovely blonde newcomer in a black vinyl bikini) are working out on their home Stairmaster machine. (Not that they need the exercise!) Zana has an idea: She calls slave boy alix into the room, forces him to lie down on the floor – and the bitches them proceed to trample the shit out of him! Why? Because it’s such great exercise. Especially when Jewell attempts what she calls “the bouncy thing” – taking leaps onto his ribcage and landing knee-first. “This is a great work out!” Jewell exults as Zana bounces her butt up and down atop his tummy, trying to force him to reveal what he had for breakfast. The best forms of exercise often involve a partner-as when two bitches clamber aboard his abs and leap up and down as hard as they can. And if a girl really wants to feel the burn, there’s no better way than to stand atop a slave’s slobbering face. “You have been wanting this, I can tell!” Jewell teases. “I think he should learn some breath control,” Zana suggests as she covers his mouth with her foot. Zana takes some extremely nasty leaps onto his body, landing on her butt. They slap his face and kick his ribs, then step on his throat. Then they do high-kicking foot slaps right onto his tummy – a great way to burn off those excess calories. “Alix, we are going to get you a name tag,” Zana announces. “It will say ‘Slave to Zana and Jewel!'” Alix mutters “unggh” in agreement. Taking a break, they plant their butts down on his body and use his face as a footrest. Then they take running leaps onto his chest. “Oof!” he replies. “This is a total body workout,” Zana notes as she foot-slaps his face. When the girls finally decide to hit the showers, they inform him that they want to do this every day – “same time, same place!”