School Girl Stomp

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Two of the cutest high school girls (you can tell they’re schoolgirls because they have short plaid skirts) have had it up to here with the principle and his stupid rules. They way they figure it, they should be able to smoke when they want, fuck whoever they like, and show up whenever the mood strikes. The principle (played by alix) demurs, and even dares to criticize their short skirts and skimpy halter tops. So they girls toss him to the floor of his office and STOMP some sense into him. “Want to look at my tits? Says the ultra-gorgeous Taylor. She gives him a really close view – smashing them right into his face, cutting off all breath. “I think his dick is getting hard,” notes Chelsea. “I’m going to smash his dick!” And so she does, while Taylor forces him to deep throat her mile-high heels. Taylor shoves her heel up his ass while Chelsea stomps his back. “You should see his face; he looks like an idiot!” Chelsea giggles. “You’ve been a bad boy,” says Taylor as she kicks his rear. Taylor stands atop his bare torso, digging those sharp heels deep into his chest and rips, while Chelsea smashes his groin with her bare feet. The girls use all-out trample power to force him to use the title “princess” when he addresses either one of them. Once he is properly cowed, he kisses and orally worships Taylor’s shoes. “Don’t make me beat your ass with a belt,” Taylor warns. “Because I will, I’ll enjoy it – because I’m a sicko!” She uses his belt to choke him, strapping it around his neck like a hangman’s noose. She orders him to remove her shoes (“I’m not asking you, I’m TELLING you!”) The purpose of all this trample torture? They want the principle to do all their homework! Chelsea crushes his face under her weight until he admits to being a “pillow humper.” “Quit your fucking coughing, pussy-boy” Taylor snarls when Chelsea’s facial stomp-assault forces him to choke on his own phlegm. “I’m going to run and jump on him!” Taylor announces. Wheeeee! “Say it,” the bitches order while stomping his guts. “Say, ‘I love big hard cock deep in my ass!'” They give the principle a lesson in humiliation!