Knockaround Girls

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Two gorgeous girlfriends – Tori Sinclair and Tanya Danielle – have a complaint with Tori’s boyfriend, alix. He parked his car on the kitty litter bag. What a heinous crime! Not only is the relationship over – he really deserves an ass whupping. So they throw him onto the hard concrete. BOTH girls subject him to full weight double-bitch stompitude while wearing high heel footwear – Tanya’s high-rise shoes look particularly dangerous. Then they doff their shoes and leap like wild women atop his ribcage, bouncing up and down with piston-engine action. Tori plants her beauteous butt atop his face (“You’re never getting this again, buddy!”) while Tanya tramples him. “Open your mouth,” she orders as both girls force him to lick toe. Tori’s gut punches are genuinely punishing – the echo resounds throughout the room. Then they prop him up and take turns kicking his gut. These are full force kicks?no punches pulled?and his groans of agony are very real. They even stick his head in a bucket and toss balls at him while standing on his guts. “He’s trying to breathe!” says Tori as she slabs her labial lips into his mouth and nose. Trying, perhaps?but not succeeding. Toward the end, the girls inflict plastic suffocation – you’ll see him gasp for every morsel of air. For a truly “weighty” torment session, Tori caries Tanya piggyback across their victim’s ribs.