Filthy Foot Frolic


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Sadistic bitches Talia Monet and Virginie walk through a garage filled with oil, goop, and gunk. Along the way, they run into a homeless hobo – dear old bob, down on his luck! (He explains his situation thus: “I voted for Bush.” Actually, he prefers the term “residentially handicapped.”) He asks the girls to show some panties. For some reason, the girls take umbrage at this request. “Don’t you have any respect for the homeless?” bob wails. Respect? They’ll show him respect – by using his ugly head as a doormat! Yup, they walk all over bob in their filthy (or as Virginie would say: “Feeelthy”) bare feet. They smear his face with oil, then SHOVE that crap right into his mouth. “Oh man! YOU’RE KILLING ME!” bob wallows. “Somebody help me! I’m getting sick!” but there’s no hope for the homeless, as they coat his tongue with the most disgusting dark goop you’ve ever seen. “You’re just a bum! Lick our feet!” Virginie scowls. His screams are horrifying, as both girls shove their feet deep into his mouth. “They’re raping my mouth!” he yells. “Somebody help me!” But nothing can halt this sadistic assault. They force him to sit up and BEG for more filth. You’ll actually see unspeakable grime coat his tongue. Talk about TOTAL humiliation! They force him to lick clean – slowwwwly – each and ever little piggie. “Open wide and suck on my heels!” Virginie orders. They rape his mouth with their garbage-drenched feet. The girls leave for a bit, in order to take a brief stroll through the dog park. Seems they’ve found something brown. And now they’re going to force homeless bob to lick it all up. A coating of filth changes the color of his face. “You beg slut!” Virginie spits. “You love this sheeet in your mouth, don’t you?”