Smash Face

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Trample is a personal cook – although I personally would think twice before eating any slop HE may have touched. This night, he has been late – to the tune of three hours! – with a promised meal for his two Mistresses, the gorgeous Zora and Francesca. They are both wearing clear footwear – high heel pumps on Lady Fran, and nasty boots on Lady Z. Those spikey heels dig deep, deep DEEP into his guts. Meanwhile, Zora subjects him to butt suffocation galore. Can Tramplee take the weight of both girls, wearing that dangerous shoe-ware? He has no choice! “DO NOT MOVE!” commands Zora as she tries to use pedal power to pump out his intestines. The girls doff their see-thru shoes (Zora unties with her boot atop his face), then subject him to nasty barefoot smashing. They jump on his body from a nearby chair, landing with increasingly hard THUMPS and OOFS. They tie up his hands, rendering absolutely helpless before their fusillade. Wouldn’t you love to have a gorgeous Hungarian Fem Dom like Zora bury you beneath her butt? Wouldn’t you love to experience foot-to-the neck choking, courtesy a nasty-ass bitch like Francesca? Tramplee sinks into a Zen-like trance as Francesca stands like a flamingo atop his face. “You’re a bad bad boy, and bod boys get whipping!” cries Zora as she uses a length of stout rope to batter his stomach. ‘Mind if I exercise my knees?” Zora asks, just before she drops full weight onto his rib-cage – and I am honestly amazed that they don’t crack. Their majestic breasts spill out as they subject him to full weight (face up) head trampling, drops, jumps, and worse.