My Big Bad Fem Dom Trample

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That gorgeous British Fem Dom, Goldie (who is looking extremely chesty these days) announces that she is feeling “PMS-y” and she wants to get her aggressions out. Well, she and her bestest gal-pal Mercedes have a plan: Trample the life out of poor pete, a slobbering slave-boy who lives to play human doormat. I really dig Mercedes’ red PVC outfit, which includes an absolutely wicked pair of boots. She subjects pete to twat suffocation while Goldie (bottomless, though not topless) slams her spike heels into his helpless chest – full weight! Mercedes studies the action close up as Goldie slowly jams those heels into his throat. This is followed by a wicked combo of hand over mouth smotheration and high heel ball smashing. Then it is time for Goldie to plant her nekkid power-puss over his face Mercedes smashes his torso beneath her booties. The girls then doff the footwear for some full-weight slave tramplage. The work here is often very slow and sensuous, with Mercedes crawling over his body or Goldie burying him beneath her mountainous ultra-breasts. There’s a hint of face-slapping, and much more than a hint of bare beaver cunt choking. Goldie LOVES to shove peteys noggin up between her friend’s arse-cheeks. “Suffocate him in my asÂ…that’s it!” hisses Mercedes. If you’re a fan of the combo of nude facesitting and trampling – with a special emphasis on groin stomping – this is a video you’ll prize. It all ends with a two-girl pile-up. And the best part is: Pete’s face turns a bright, bluish shade a magenta!