Tae Bo Trample

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Tramplee is posing as a Tae Bo trainer, and his ad – featuring a guy in a beefcake pose – attracts a couple of cute potential customers: Ultra curvy Tanya Danielle (check out that leopard-print bikini-thingie she has almost wrapped around her figure) and dark-haired Talia Monet. Tramplee does not strike them as a master of oriental fighting arts. Hell, he’s just a pussy. They decide to prove that point – AND punish him for false advertising – by beating the shit out of him. This is a full-out beating, involving punching (NO HOLDS BARRED!), elbowing, and kneeing. Tramplee was really HURT during the filming of this one – believe me. Of course, they stomp him beneath their high-heel shoes. Eventually, one girl thrusts him against the wall with a hand-around-knock choke-hold, while BOTH girls proceed to kick his last three lunches out of his tummy. But there’s lots more: They wring his neck, punch his ribs, slam their knees into his head (!!) (that’s a new one!), kick his abs, thrust fists right into his solar plexus, literally kick his butt, and jump on his back until he admits he’s nothing but a little bastard. You’ll see body-slams into his back and front sides, FACE-SLAPPING, tons of BAREFOOT TRAMPLING, full weight barefoot head-standing, double-girl trampling, between-the-thighs skull-crushing, WWF-style wrestling moves (including a couple of wicked floor tosses), foot-on-throat choking – even a full-weight TOP of head stand! Without any fear of exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the most extreme videos we have ever released.