Slave Run

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Goldie and Channone are two beauteous blonde bitches who like to stand on men. They go to the beach, pick up men, bring them over to their apartment, and hunker down for a session of what they are pleased to call “fun.” Tramplee is their victim for today. That’s the story. Not hard to follow, is it? Now for some details: Goldie, the Brit bitch with the major rack, decides to vary her routine: While her partner Channone takes care of the trampling duties, Goldie plants her pussy right on his face. He wants to gasp in pain, but he can’t. Just look at the way she forces her butt into his nostrils and mouth. Then the girls take turns suffocating him by standing on his head — and we are talking about FULL WEIGHT barefoot head standing. Oooh, just listen to those simpering pseudo-pants he emits while the girls crush his head beneath their asses! BOTH girls inflict hand-over-mouth suffocation, pressing down with all their weight, not allowing him to get even a single gasp. Channone inflicts delicious breast suffocation — and so does the mega-titted Goldie! Eventually, she removes her sun dress and exposes tramplee to the most lethal all-natural rack that has ever (literally) taken his breath away. If you want to see a brilliantly sadistic combo of hard core STOMPING and even body-jumping) combined with nasty HOM-work, this is the video for you. You gotta see Channone balance on one foot — planted on his nose — looking just like a flamingo! Naked trampling! Barefoot head stomping! Torso-on-tonsil chokitude! (Now THAT’S a rarity.) Nose-in-buttcrack ass-phixiation! “Methinks he’s going to have a tummy ache tonight,” says Goldie as her partner leaps onto his tummy. Then she steps right onto his neck — now that’s a new way to choke someone!