Stompus Maximus

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Two extremely ill-tempered Femme Dommes, Mistresses Sabrina (in a very Dommy leopard-print mini) and Kiss (in a black bikini), have captured a new slave — tramplee. They drag him into their arena of torture, and proceed to give him even worse treatment than the condemned received in the Roman Coliseum. Tall Sabrina stands directly on his vulnerable ribcage in spikey high heeled shoes with clear platform soles. Then Kiss does likewise. The girls follow shod trample torment with the barefoot variety — this allows them to JUMP on his body, full weight and without even a hint of mercy. They step on his throat, foot-choking him. Then they step up to his mug for some face-up head stomping. His face flattens beneath their ruthless trample pounding. It’s amazing this guy even has a nose left — he should look like a Persian cat by this point! Sabrina dances on his chest, while Kiss joins her for some two-girl trample action. Then they take turns at running LEAPS onto his poor battered body. The neck-stomping is particularly brutal, as is the jumping in place. These girls want to snuff out his life as though he were a discarded cigarette butt. The girls seem to enjoy all this a great deal. He who is about to die salutes you!