Stomp His Ass

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Chris tool is a slave, and therefore deserves to be trampled into a bloody pulp. How’s THAT for a plot? The tramplers, in this instance, are a couple of totally nasty babes named Coral Sands and Crystal, who are wearing the most dangerous boots you’ve ever seen. Can you imagine having TWO tall and lithe Mistresses parading atop your torso while wearing boots whose soles weigh almost as much as the girls themselves do? After they doff the footwear, it’s time for some truly violent bare foot trampling, combined with some facesitting smotheration that’ll make you turn blue just watching it. “Look at his face!” Crystal squeals. “Suffocate him!” Coral admonishes. After the obligatory comments about how warm the room is, the girls take off their tops (Yow! Amazing breastage!) and subject him the sort of booby chokitude that’ll turn you green with envy. With titty like that being forced down your tonsils, who CARES about breathing? Time for more twat-asphyxiation: “He likes your pussy on his face,” Crystal notes. When slavey boy proves disobedient, Coral slaps his face – using both hands – until he stops talking trash. Meanwhile, Crystal keeps JUMPING on his tummy, hips and groin – after which, the girls use their leather boots to whip his body. Yet even this gnarly treatment doesn’t subdue the little piggie. Now the girls decide to get REALLY nasty – as in penis smashing, nipple twisting, body slapping, hair pulling, and completely horrifying pussy suffocation. You’ll savor the sight of Coral’s exquisite back muscles as she twists and grinds atop his smashed-in face. Crystal uses her feet to beat his tummy as though it were a drum (and she gets a pretty good sound!) while Coral sticks her toes into his mouth. He’s pretty passive now – making him a perfect target for full-weight broad jump action and punches to the ribcage, not to mention the HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation. (Coral holds his head in place with her feet while her partner chokes him.) “We like to cause pain, don’t we?” Crystal says, smiling prettily, not long before Coral smothers him with a cloth. Now the REAL trampling begins…! Just look at the way Coral grinds her feet into his face. “Aww, are we heavy?” Coral asks. Yep – and not in the metaphysical sense. “Look at that pain-wracked look on his face!” Of course – BOTH girls jump up and down on his body like a piston engine!