Torture Room

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Layla Jade and Mercedes Ashley are a couple of lingerie-clad babes confronting the IRS man (played with utter conviction by alix). The feds are claiming that British babe Layla needs to pay United States taxes on all the porn work she has done here in the states. To prove the point, he confronts her with a copy of a video box bearing her likeness. “That’s not me,” she explains, as she tosses him to the plush white carpeting. “I think you’re just some pervert who just wants to get his dick sucked.” Well, these ladies aren’t going to stand for that sort of nonsense! They toss him, flatten him, kick him, strike him…and then subject him to nasty double-bitch facesitting action. “Are you calling me a cheap slut?” Layla screams as she subjects alix to foot-stomping and full-weight body drops. Mercedes kicks his ribs while blondie buries his mouth and nose in her panty-clad muff. They jump on him, pull his hair, nearly snapo his necks with their powerful and inescapable wrestling moves…and then Mercedes, stripped topless (what a pair!) uses her hands to cut off his air supply for a long, long, LONG time. You’ll truly gasp at the lengthy scene in which Mercedes gets on all fours and backs her shapely butt into alix’s face. When this fiendish Mistress says “Kiss my ass!” she means it! Later, Layla stands on his head – full weight – while Mercedes forces him to worship her ass orally. Check out the four-handed strangulation, followed by merciless tummy trampling and jumping jacks on the back! Ass-phixiation is the true highlight of this show: Mercedes pumps alix’s head into her partner’s rump with astonishing power. Layla stomps his back while Lady M uses her powerful thighs to try to break his neck; later, Layla kicks the back of his head straight into Mercedes’ power-pussy. The girls even try to break his nose by smashing has face into that infamous video tape box. You’ll see choking, foot-in-the-eye action, butt-bouncing, head-standing, twat-suffocation, much battering of alix’s bare and vulnerable body, knee-to-groin slamming, spanking, torso punching, kicking, facesitting, HOM smothering, and more.