Ferocious Femmes

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Roomies Coral Sands and Hollywood have been trying to hold a normal conversation, but slave alix keeps interrupting. So Coral decides to take this opportunity to “bust a move” on his ass. That means they intend to use him as a placid, docile human target, all the better for practicing their domination moves. (Seems Coral has been getting into the wrestling thang.) One girl holds him in a full nelson, while the other PUNCHES his gut full force. “Now I’ll get him in a headlock,” Coral notes, “while you take your best shot.” That means punching, slapping, and even kicking. (Both girls are wearing wicked high heel shoes!) These bitches love to kick, so they force him onto all fours – he presents his ribs so they can try to break them with their feet. “Now let’s try a figure four around the neck,” says Coral. One mad Mistress locks his neck firmly in place, holding his head between her legs, while the other rams her knees into his guts. Those knee-drops get increasingly vicious! In a rare move, Coral sits on his back and tries to pull his arms off while foot-punching the back of his head. Is he ticklish? Only one way to find outÂ… Ah, it seems he is! Hollywood tries to break his back while Coral punches him. Then they try to twist his legs away from his hip bones – man, we’ve never seen moves like this before! Alix must be an Indian fakir to withstand these sorts of contortions. Of course, you will see lots of full-weight stompitude as both girls dig their heels deep into his flesh. “Get on your hands and knees right now!” orders Hollywood. Now the REAL kick torture and rib-cracking commences – and this stuff is downright MEAN, lads. Coral tries out another wrestling move called the grapevine – it really decks him! “Cowabunga!” yells Hollywood as she takes long leaps onto his body. Of course the girls strip down, revealing their bounteous assets as they “step up” the pace of their trampling torture. The kicking, the punching, the slapping, the jumping – it all just keeps getting worse and worse!