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Busty Nina (barely wearing her black-leather fetish gear) needs to clean her pussy. She’s doing a bachelor party tonight, and her poor twat hasn’t been washed in three days! As she scrubs down, she asks her manager chris tool (who pops by unexpectedly) for his opinion. He informs her not to worry: The party has been called off. Nina’s FURIOUS, as are her fetish sisters, violent Venus and titanically ta-taed Tigre. They grab him, knock him to the floor, tear his clothes off, jump on him, slap him, and do everything three mean bitches can do to tear him to pieces. “Give me your fucking neck, you little pussy!” yells Nina. They put a massive metal collar around his neck – all the better to hold him place while they take turns jumping on his abs and slapping his peenie. They smother him with a pillow, then sit on his face while pinching him, punching him, and twisting his nips. I know what you’re wondering: ‘But is there breast smothering?’ Hey, with massively-chested gals like this, you know you’re in for the very bust?er, best! Humiliatingly, they make chris wear a bra, while taking turns spanking him and VIOLENTLY squishing his face under their butts. They treat his poor noggin the way Gallagher treats a melon, using their butts, thighs and chests like sledge-o-matics. “Look at his teeny-weeny weenie!” the girls yowl. They taunt him, tease him, treat him like a tiny infant. “SMOTHER HIM!” Tigre yells. “Smother him with your tits!” Does pussy-smothering get more energetic than this? We doubt it! “Fuck her with your face, asshole!” And when all three girls carpet his face with their pounding feet – WATCH OUT!