Trample Galore

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Samantha Sterlyng is a wonderfully curvy computer babe who keeps a web site devoted to her sexy work. Well, she’s got a problem: Seems like someone hacked into her web site. She discusses the problem with her partner Francesca (making a welcome return to Trampled Video). They soon come up with a chief suspect: Tramplee. They confront him, but he won’t confess. There’s only one way to get the truth out of him — beat the crap out of him! They toss him to the floor, then step on his body while wearing some very dangerous-looking ultra-high heel shoes. Francesca has the pointy pair, while Samantha has long platform heels. They both serve well to flatten his innards. “How about if I cut your cock off with my heel?” Francesca asks. Now THIS is double-bitch stomp action at its finest! Then Fran slams her foot into his neck. “Going to fucking cut off your circulation. “Yeah,” encourages Samantha, “dig your heels right into his chest and stomach!” After removing their shoes, the girls dig in for very cruel barefoot trampling. That means JUMPING…right onto his rib cage! And his crotch! And his tummy! The gals even do jumping jacks and play hopscotch atop his body, while slowly stripping down. We’re talking about rapid-fire piston-engine trample torture. Then comes the face trampling: Both girls attack his upraised mug with sadistic glee. One girl crushes his windpipe while the other jams her bare foot deep into is throat. They jump from a tall platform onto his chest and stomach. “How do you like it when all 250 pounds of us come crashing down at the same time onto your guts?” Samantha asks. You should hear the weird noises he emits when Francesca repeatedly jumps on both his throat and groin. Francesca smothers him by STANDING on top of his mouth and nose. “This fucking sick bastard probably likes this!” Samantha notes. “Smother him! Put ALL your weight on that fucking throat!” The Barefoot full-weight face-standing is — well, OUTstanding. This is THE trample epic of our time.