Trample Queens

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Here are two flabbergastingly attractive fetish bitches: Layla and Randy Z, buxom, breasty beauties from Britain. They are mad at alix because – well, I think because he is male. So they decide to beat the shit out of him. I hope this plot isn’t too complicated for you. The pervy platinum blonde (wearing a tight mini that doesn’t quite cover her bare twat) holds him in place while her partner punches and kicks him. There’s a nice amount of punching in this video – at first, the girls seem to be holding back, but soon their innate sadism takes over, and they really start to wail. Both girls wear nasty black boots, perfect for kicking and stomping. God DAMN but these ladies are mean! Layla clamps his head between her thighs, then rams her knees into his guts. “Terrorist pig!” she cries patriotically while spitting on him. Then they hold him upside down while kicking his ribs. Those nasty boot heels dig deep into his tender skin – and he has to bear the weight of both bitches. “Smother him!” cries Randy Z, while Layla buries his noggin beneath her bare twattage. This video has it all: Wrestling holds, groin kicking, full-weight jumpin-in-place atop his stomach, knees to the kidneys, slaps, scissor holds, gut-punches, full-out kicks to the ribs, BITING (no shit: Real hard-core biting, in full close-up!), butt-suffocation (beneath denim), shove their boot heels into his bare back, punches to the groin, tickle the soles of his feet, try to pull his toes off (!!!), ass-kicking, nipple twisting, FACE-spitting, and so much more. If you are looking for a video that displays LOTS of inventive action, rapid-fire and nonstop, this is your top pick.