Stocking Stampede

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Alix is a delivery boy who has fucked up big time: He was supposed to move a ceramic monkey “purchased in the jungles of Cambodia” for a couple of luscious roomies, Coral Sands and Nicole Sheridan (who greet him dressed in lingerie and sexy stockings). But he arrives with a damaged monkey! The girls, naturally, go ape-wire. “I’m going to stand on his head until it explodes,” announces Nicole, who applies both feet – full weight – to his face. “That’s it! Pop it like a zit!” The girls subject him to some of the gnarliest double-bitch tramplage ever seen in any video – one girl subjecting him to full-weight noggin-crushing, while the other stomps his groin or applies her full weight to stomping his abs. “Lick it!” orders Nicole as she shoves her stocking-clad toesies deep into his throat. Coral even JUMPS on his ribs – and she holds nothing back! “Are you sorry for breaking my monkey?” Nicole shrieks while her partner kicks the sides of his body. When he still refuses to take responsibility, they force him to dance like a monkey as they hit him and slam their bodies into him. They slap him, sit on him, poke his ribs, tickle him (while crushing his head!), dance on his torso, kick him without even a hint of mercy, and use their feet to stab his throat. “I have an idea!” says Nicole. “Blackmail!” Coral stands on his head while her partner photographs the tableau – and she plans to post the image to the internet!