Trample Terror

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It’s another tale of a pool man gone wrong. Two ultra curvy, and ultra mean-spirited cuties – Francesca and Zora – find green water in their precious pool. The girls decide to stomp his body until he decides to clean up his own act. Fran is wearing some rather striking lavender high-heel pumps, whish she uses to stomp his head and poke deeply into his torso. Zora wears beige boots, whish she loves to use to kick his ribs – not to mention the body-jumps. She even uses her hands and weight to help force Francesca’s shoes deep into his ribcage. Then both girls use their fearsome footwear to press deep into his neck. “You going to feint?” Zora taunts. “We don’t feel sorry for assholes!” she announces as she drumbeats his tummy – followed by a barefoot Francesca who repeatedly uses her knees to land on his ribcage. Zora takes off her boots and force trample to choke on the heel. “Jump higher!” she encourages her partner – who does – only to land her knees. Zora’s knee drops are even more dangerous – she really tries to leap into the air as high as she can possibly go, only to land right on the most tender parts of his body. You can tell from tramplee’s agonized groans that this torture is really taking a toll. Francesca tramples him viciously while Zora rubs her ass and twat (covered only by thin white panties) deep into his face. And just look at the way she KICKS his head over and over! Her gorgeous natural breasts spill out of her bra as her trample enthusiasm whips her into a fury. Is there full-weight barefoot face smashing? You bet! They foot-slap his face viciously. There’s face-slapping, face-standing – they even do a river-dance atop his body, then drop exhausted right on top of him.