Trample Gram

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Star and Jewels are relaxing at home, when numbskull eddie shows up with a singing telegram. The poor dumb lug doesn’t realize that the musical message was sent by Star’s much-despised ex-boyfriend. The girls cut off his aria violently. “I’m just delivering it!” Eddie pleads. “Then we’re going to KILL THE MESSENGER,” Jewels explains. They knock him down, immobilize him with wrestling holds, and stomp his gut as though it were a barrel of wine-grapes. Jewels shoves her feet into his gruesome mouth, then forces him to sing some more. Well, frog-voiced eddie is not the sort of singer who’s likely to win…er…a grammy. So the girls reward his poor musicianship with tons of facesitting smother action, combined with yet more tummy-trampling. They use their BARE feet to smash his face as harshly as they can, as though they were trying to stomp a cockroach flat. Naturally, he phases in and out of consciousness. “I like when he wakes up and he’s SCARED,” says Jewels. Star loves to ram her knees into his gut, while Jewels keeps his neck in a punishing wrestling hold. But these girls are also fans of other forms of torture, including face-slapping, crushing his skull between their awesome thighs, locking his neck in an astonishing figure-four, binding his arms and body, kicks to the head, double-girl BAREFOOT trampling, hand-over-mouth smothering, forced toe-sucking, foot-on-neck stomp action, and two-girl body-scissor torment. It all ends with a hilarious escape scene. Wham, bam, trample gram!