Ready To Crumble

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Ever wonder what might happen if a man were to wander into a “Sapphic” bar? Well, in tramplee’s case, two beauteous bitches who HATE men drag him off to their dungeon, where they decide to kick his ass — and every other portion of his body. The girls are the fabulous, curvy Jewell Marceau (in a pink mini and clear spike heels) and fan favorite Star Chandler, wearing dangerous platform shoes. They use this footwear as weaponry in a trample barrage that will have you gasping. “A face like his is more suited to be a doormat,” Star notes as she removes her shoes to stand barefoot atop his head. Full weight! His eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Then Jewell wipes her feet on his face, exercising true cruelty and condescension as she violently kicks his head and crushes his throat. “Wish I had a jack-hammer” Jewell screams as she slams her feet into his guts. “I’d jackhammer your balls!” she shrieks, stomping his groin mercilessly. (We’ve seen lots of stomping bitches, but few have been so suffused with sheer hate.) Then they jump onto his body — and we’re talking about hard landings. Jewell runs in place across his guts while supporting her upper body on her hands, while Starr uses her foot power to keep his flailing flesh trapped in place. “Are you going to roll over and die?” Jewell spits as her spectacular chestage spills out of her dress. “I wish!” Proof positive that when it comes to inflicting pain, Lez is more!