Another Beating

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It’s always nice to see a new face in a Trampled Video — a new face to SMASH! The face, in this case, belongs to a born slave boy named Alix, who likes to peek through the private file cabinets of a couple of mean-spirited mistresses named Francesca and Samantha Sterling. Naturally, these two busty beauties have got a mad on the size of Texas. So they decide to “correct” Alix’s behavior by stomping him to smithereens. “How about I step on your cock?” Francesca asks. Samantha digs her heels into his nipples — his bare chest shows some nice red marks. They splay him on the floor in cruciform position, then force him lick the sweat from the soles of Francesca’s feet. You gotta say one thing for Alix: He takes a double-bitch barefoot trampling quite nicely. “He can take our weight pretty well!” Samantha crows. Well, he has to — he has no choice. Francesca even steps aboard his ugly face. Then they force him to roll over for some butt-standing, back-crushing and skull-stomping. Then he starts having trouble breathing, so they flip him again and force him to undergo two-girl upraised face trampling. The girls lighten their load only slightly when they strip down for some sexy topless trample torture. “Let’s smash our toes in his face…” “I’m going for his Adam’s apple.” “Let me hold him down while you step on him.” “Step on his THROAT!” Francesca subjects him to some wonderful facesitting torment. “Oh yeah…I’m gonna put my butt right on his Adam’s apple!” she coos. If you love to see a couple of naturally curvy babes flatten a victim using their feet (both shod and bare), this one will show you a few new moves — and lots of marks.