The Tramplee 500

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That perpetually annoying slaverino, tramplee, gets caught: He’s examining a truck that doesn’t belong to him — from the underside. The truck’s owner, the gorgeous Rhiannon (wearing a very sexy mini and spikey high heel shoes) catches him in the act. What’s that little jerk up to? He SAYS he’s checking for an oil leak. Uh huh. Right. More likely, he was trying to pull off some sabotage. Rhiannon knows one way to squeeze the truth out of him: TRAMPLING! First, she stomps his body while wearing those nasty-ass heels. But the barefoot stomp action proves to be even more brutal. “Oh, shush!” she says when tramplee’s loud groans of agony prove too offensive. She jumps atop his gut, running in place, making him bear her full weight. And what about that full-force barefoot head trampling? Nobody takes it (or deserves it) the way tramplee does — face up, his nose getting fully and well smashed in, his face turning tomato red. And she stays atop him for a long, LOOOONNG time. “Shut up,” she explains when his groans prove too loud once more. Why can’t he learn to suffer in silence? Maybe stepping on his neck will teach him a lesson. Yep, she even hops on one foot — standing like a flamingo, pressing her full weight into his neck. Or maybe he needs someone to take increasingly high leaps atop his body. Try to talk shit NOW, jerk! We doubt he’ll ever be able to talk again — not after she’s done running in place atop his chest, guts, and groin. Keep on truckin’!