Psycho Trample

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Recently passed Congressional legislation requires all fans of Taylor St. Clair to view this tape. Why? Oh, maybe it has something to do with the sexy shower scene that begins this epic…a scene interrupted by robbie, a knife-wielding stalker. But she knows how to take care of the situation: She slaps him down, grabs the knife, forces him to strip nude and handcuffs his hands behind his back. Her choke-holds threaten to crush the life out of him…but that would be too quick. First, she wants to TRAMPLE HIM FLAT. “You’re gonna WISH I called the police!” she swears. That includes STOMPING HIS DICK AND BALLS WITH HER BARE FEET. She stomps them FLAT! We’re talking full-out ball-kicking, of the sort that might even shock the Empress Tsarina. The nude facesitting is both torment and exquisite pleasure. Dragging him into the shower, she tries to use her feet to shove his cock down the drain! “MMM…grind his balls down in there! Smack ’em around a bit!” Taylor really gets into her work, especially when she spanks his cock, then forces him to suck her toes. She steps RIGHT ON HIS FACE using her bare feet. This is perhaps the sexiest film we’ve ever made…a must see.