Strictly Heels

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Gorgeous Mistress Talia is wearing her best Ho-ho-ho gear — a red teddy with white trim and amazing white heeled sandal plats. She is upset with her bf, who is played, of course, by the loathsome tramplee. Seems he did what does best — forget to think. Specifically, he placed their Christmas tree next to the fireplace. You can guess what happened. Now, all that is left of the tree is a couple of black twigs. Will tramplees’s smart-alec attitude save him? Hey, if it did, there wouldn’t be this wonderful piece of celluloid action for you to enjoy! Talia decides to exact revenge. Without even giving a nod, and going straight to her work, she breaks in her pair of incredible platform sandals (with impeccably painted toe nails to match her santa red teddy) by stomping mercilessly on tramplee’s chest. Showing no mercy, Talia uses her heels to prod tramplee along, nearly poking through the skin. She massages his tummy with her shoes, digging her heels into his tender flesh (Ride em’ cowboy!) His breathing becomes labored while Talia continues her assault on his tender chest. The heavy breathing segues into incoherent grunting when she stands on his throat. (You know, I suspect tramplee does stupid things just to get her attention. I mean, wouldn’t you?) The Shilling spice company really ought to hire Talia as an advisor — no one else knows how to tenderize meat quite like this stomp-mad she-beast. You can see the imprint of her shoes embedded on his chest. (Those marks may well be permanent.) She stands on his neck, chest, hands, face, all while wearing her cute little shoes. And you know that a bitch like Talia is going to inflict lots of FULL WEIGHT HEAD STANDING. Poor tramplee – how the hell is he going to survive?